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Why did Lake Dolores Close?

Short Answer Greed, Bad Bookkeeping, Lack of Unified Vision for the park.

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Why is it taking so long? 

History time. :)  Lake Dolores was hand built and run by the Byers family.

The park was sold to a group of investors. They had the park renovated from  the hand built standing slides, sit down slides, really high zip lines and lakes to a modern waterpark called Rock-A-Hoola. The renovation from the original Lake Dolores to Rock-A-Hoola was done by White Water West, as part of the renovation the big lake was moved and huge colorful water slides were installed and at the time of installation the world's largest lazy river.

Sometime during the park's operation one of the partners walked off with several million dollars that went unnoticed until the waterslide accident. The main decision maker had a plan to help the park recover , sadly that plan died with him. The remaining members couldn't agree on a unified vision for the park, the last time it was open it ran as Discovery Waterpark.  At some point the park was closed.

Some decision was made to turn the park into senior housing the slides and equipment were sold off. You can see Rob and Big going down the slides in the Funny or Die video on our Videos page before they were sold to Cultus Lake Waterpark and renamed called Colossal Canyon.

When Lake Dolores closed it took a lot of people's life savings and all the bank loans went bad. A lot of people were hurt by the parks closing. Some of which have been doing their best to get us to give up or do their best to make sure the park doesn't reopen.

We have to prove almost daily that we are not going to do the same things the other people did.  The park cannot be returned to the way the Byers built it due to all the building codes , osha, insurance, people being sue happy, none of which existed or was enforced at the time.  Some people have asked why not demolish it and start over. It will cost more to demolish then to repair it.  No matter what choice is made rebuilding Lake Dolores or demolishing it and starting over, it will be a up hill battle. Nothing about this is straight forward or easy.  At one point there were over 30+ people claiming ownership of the park or that they were owed money. Everyday we get emails from people that have already made up their minds about our motives, we don't even bother to try to correct them anymore because it's pointless.  Just about everyday someone calls us crazy, telling us the park will fail. They don't even know what the plans for the park are.

Some people go so far as to start untrue rumors that set us back months. Name a road block, we have either faced or are facing it. We originally started this adventure to create jobs, and give people something to do in the area. Now it's more about honoring the builders the Byers family.

This is the short version, the full version would take up several pages.

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