The CFPB closed the complaints without doing any investigation or holding the banks accountable or making the banks follow the rules & laws.

The current hold up, waiting on the CFPB to respond to the SBA Office of the National Ombudsman

It took a a bit longer then expected to legally put everything into place.

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Here is the thing about OasisthemePark's funding.  Anyone that steals from OasisThemepark or it's owners, the thief is stealing from the United States of America's economy.  Look up 18 USC 371. The way everything is set up the thief tells on themselves in their own words & actions, in government record with the internet recording every detail.  This paper trail is what OasisThemepark or its owners hands over.

In 2016 JP Morgan Chase kept the funding for the Lake Dolores project for itself.

This caused OasisThemepark's accountability & oversight to kick in.

Which resulted in testing our employee loan payoff program. 

It does no good for OasisThemepark to payoff employees loans if the bank won't release the home or require people to keep paying right?

So Wells Fargo , Bank of America & Navy Federal Credit Union were tested. They failed.

First Bank Holding Company's greed caused it to make a terrible mistake.

Opening & keeping a deposit belonging to another bank is a really bad idea.

A businesses is only as strong as it's foundation. 

It would take a real Act of Congress to destroy OasisThemeparks foundation & then some.

OasisThemepark's accountability & oversight require informing Congress, Senate, White House, FBI etc of

all USC violations we have first hand knowledge of.  To keep OasisThemepark & its owners honest

every US intelligence agency has open access to OasisThemepark's financial records.

That's right US intelligence can see where OasisThemepark's money comes from, where its going and why.