We asked people to donate to retired Navy Vet

Lou Faraland instead of the park.  We have no other  Lake Dolores crowdfunding campaigns.  Please don't donate to them.

Friends are rallying around helping out a friend  Rondi her van was stolen on September 11th she woke up to go to work and her van was gone....It was Her only form of transporting her disabled son Seth who is confined to a wheelchair his entire life to Drs. appointments and anywhere else..... Her carseats for Seth and Cheyenne were also in the van....  Rondi she is a single mother of 3...



Angels meds cost about $190 each vial witch last a week so this is why im making a gofundme acct to get the help he needs to get his meds to get the rides to go to his doctors appts exc... Angel is a loving, caring, big hearted person.. If u were to meet him u would fall in love with him the min u laid ur eyes on him.. Hes also very funny.. So i would like to thank everyone in advance for ur help and support and for all the prayers..


Tracy Robb

I have a really bad kidneys on both sides they're constantly making kidney stones and I'm in constant pain. It's been happening for 21 years now. I live in the city  and I hate it it makes me depressed very depressed. I am hoping to get enough money to move where I can relax and not have to worry about the stress of living in the big city.   I need help paying off my doctors bills that my insurance does not cover.   Anything helps. Thank you for your time. 

The only movers that we know about that move victims of domestic violence for free . Currently in Southern California with plans to expand.



 I'm Sue.  I'm a nice person - really.   I've spent my entire life working on poverty relief projects in poor countries, volunteering -- and supporting my mother and brother on a very modest income.   I've been living in Africa, Southeast Asia and most recently in Europe.   Unfortunately, and for reasons that have nothing to do with my performance,  I lost my job in April.   It was an inter-governmental organization with no obligation to offer severance, pay retirement or provide COBRA.  My work visa was immediately withdrawn.  I lost everything and had to figure out how and where to move next.

Sue Wood


At the age of 18, he is facing a future without a stable standing.  A number of family disasters have caused him to miss out on getting a license, a vehicle, a job, medical care, and first semester of college.

Robert Lake


Think It Up is an initiative of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, created to bring broad cultural attention to the urgency of improving the learning experience in America. The national education initiative will seek to reframe the public discussion about education, create a culture of excitement about learning everywhere in America, and build a sense of optimism about the potential of education in classrooms across the country.

Lou Faralan

Retired Navy Veteran raising funding to pay for 6 years of cancer and leukemia treatments. Until he is cured his bills will never cease. Click picture to open window to his campaign.


Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Help my Daddy

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Rondi's  Van Stolen

On September 14th 2015 my daddy was towing a van. When he took it to the mans house and unloaded the van my daddy was putting chains away on his tow truck and the guy ran his van into the back of him and pinned him between the van and the back of his tow truck and now my daddy cant work. He has a broken spine, four broken ribs, and fluids around his neck. The doctor's don't know how long he's going to be off work but because of how bad his injuries are he will most likely never get back in a tow truck. That was his career.