Well it's 2019 so that means time to tell you what I did..  Somewhere on the internet we told everyone what we planned to & how we planned to do it.  Some people called us crazy & tried to talk 

us out of it.  We we ignored them and did it our own way in 2016. 

A building is only as strong as its foundation. We have been building the foundation this entire time.

In 2016 we decided to do things our own way no matter what anyone said to us. 

We sent our business plan to members of Congress, Senate & White House.

We told them everything we planned to do and why.  Our plan was accepted.  

Lake Dolores is just one project we actually have something planned for all 50 states. 

With word of Maxine Waters planning to question Mick Mulvaney about his time as the Director of the CFPB 

our accountability statement is permanently welded in place. 

The 2016 White House & 2018 Federal Reserve Board cared about the U.S. economy.

 They cared about job creation being prevented, businesses closing, people losing their homes, banks being paid off yet the bank not giving people their homes free & clear, banks keeping deposits that don't belong to them.  JP Morgan Chase greed in 2016 started this diagnostic adventure.

Because of the way our employee package & our accountability statement are designed,

we could not walk away from this even if we wanted to. 

If a person's word is worth nothing, no matter how much money they have they are still poor.

So I Tinee the Vp of OTP climbed this ladder for two years & notified all 3 branches of the U.S. government, of all problems in the banking system that I encountered, then gave everything to the Federal Reserve Board & the FBI in 2018 .  The five banks involved are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Navy Federal Credit Union, First Bank Holding Company & JP Morgan Chase. 

Chris & I don't look professional at all for a good reason. It saves us time. We know who is wearing a mask and who is not by how we are treated.  People see a suit & put on their best behavior mask. We can go into locations observe who really needs help & who is out to scam without anyone paying us any attention.

We can tell people exactly what we are doing & why, most will not believe us. The ones that actually check out our story stand in stunned silence when they find out everything we told them is truthful.

Just because someone looks professional, doesn't mean they are professional & can be trusted.

Just because someone doesn't look professional doesn't mean they are not professional & trustworthy. 

OasisThemepark's mission is to help as many people as possible get back on their feet. Which means one or more of the banking issues is going to pop up again.  We will know how to help people without giving legal advice.

Climbing this ladder was about ethics & integrity not dollar signs. It's real easy to do the right thing when someone is watching. Doing the right thing when no one is watching takes integrity. Five United States banks & their lawyers thought no one was watching.  Five banks & their lawyers thought I was a weak target. Five banks & their lawyers only cared about enriching themselves at ANY cost.  Five banks & their lawyers judged a book by its cover. 

I gave all five banks & their lawyers documentation proving stealing & lying about it would be a huge mistake.

All five banks & their lawyers ignored my warning & the documentation. I told them I would inform the public.

Because the banks ignored the documentation, the red flags in the form of CFPB complaints filed by the 2016 White House & 2018 Federal Reserve Board. All five banks & their lawyers defrauded the United States of America's economy & told the internet they did so in their own words & actions.  The internet never forgets

Ignoring information one doesn't like can cause one to make a terrible mistake.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.     


Tinee VP of OTP


The OTP employee package has USC protections in it which would protect the pay & services they would receive from us.  If we go forward without it, our employees will not have this one of a kind safety net in place. We went through a lot to make sure it was legal & fully beneficial to everyone we hire.   We are not about to offer something that has no guarantee of  USC protection enforcement.

This is why all projects nation wide are currently on hold.

We don't make or enforce the laws, we do take following them seriously.

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Number 1 question being asked of us is " What is the hold up?"

No one enforcing the USC is the hold up.