Hi my name is Chris I am the

President of OTP

This is my van ECTO 13 A

If you are in San Digeo California or

Phoenix Arizona then you have probably seen me driving around.

Take one guess of what I am a big fan of.  People are always taking pictures with it.

See what I've posted to Google Maps
Level 6 Local Guide


What about the above information would tell you that on

March 19 2018 I became a Knight of the Principality of Sealand?

Nothing right?  That is the point.

Like me there is more to Lake Dolores's story then most people realize.

There is always  more to something then what ones eyes tell you.  I used to attend World Comedy recordings. My favorite group was the Shaolin Monkeys. After I was asked to stop drawing on my voting cards I showed up to the improve show dressed like this.  I wish you could have seen their reactions.

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