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There is always  more to something then what ones eyes tell you.  I used to attend World Comedy recordings. My favorite group was the Shaolin Monkeys. After I was asked to stop drawing on my voting cards I showed up to the improve show dressed like this.  I wish you could have seen their reactions.


What about the above information would tell you that on

March 19 2018 I became a Knight of the Principality of Sealand?

Nothing right?  That is the point.

Hi my name is Chris I am the

President of OTP


Like me there is more to Lake Dolores's story then most people realize.

This is my van ECTO 13 A

If you are in San Digeo California or

Phoenix Arizona then you have probably seen me driving around.

Take one guess of what I am a big fan of.  People are always taking pictures with it.

See what I've posted to Google Maps
Level 6 Local Guide