Doing Business the Right Way

Since 2011, oasisthemepark has been doing everything outside the box. Like having the House & Senate being the accountability & oversight.  Like telling the government how to see all our financials so taxes have to be paid. Like making all of OTP & its off subsidiaries valuation owed to the United States. The way the United States gets what it's owed, is by paying people for their goods & services. That was done because of the last financial crisis. When funding doesn't reach whom it's supposed to, the United States can take direct action against that bad actor.  United States Code was written into everything. We fight for our employees, vendors & people in general on a nightmarish level. Some are finding that out the hard way. 



How We Got Our Start OTP is named after Lake Dolores Waterpark in Newberry Springs CA.  Looked to us like someone built a theme park in the middle of an Oasis.

OTP was built in 2011 in such a way job creation is in the hands of We the People. When OTP is prevented from creating jobs the White House is informed.  44 cared 45 didn't & 46 is looking for answers. 


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California, USA

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