OTP has existed since April 2 2011.After taking a walking tour of Lake Dolores Water park, the decision was made to name the company after it.  It look to us like someone built a theme park in the middle of an Oasis.


Zero accountability & zero oversight always ends really bad.  To keep OTP & its subsidiaries on the straight & narrow, United States rules & laws were used to build the foundation. 
United States Code was written into everything.

The 2011 House, Senate, IRS & White House approved of OTP's unorthodox foundation & operation.  
In addition the internet brought about changes that made the old ways of doing some things a massive liability.  We prefer a proactive approach over a reactive one. 



No it doesn't. The accountability & oversight protocol only applies to OTP & its subsidiaries. It protects OTP's financials. The protocol makes sure money goes where it's supposed to.  
When OTP or its subsidiaries entrusts a bank with the funding to pay you, the bank better hand it over.  If it doesn't the United States government can go after the theif.  Paper work showing proof of payment to you & the name of the bank will be sent to the White House. 
In addition the thief will be outed to the world via the internet. Reacted receipts will be shared. 

The protocol also makes sure OTP pays a living wage & can't use tax loopholes.  Basically if employees or vendors aren't treated right, painful & far reaching consequences kick in immediately for OTP & its subsidiaries. The actions are backed up by United States Code. 


Our report was sent to the 2022 White House.It had the FTC file a complaint against the CFPB with the CFPB.
The 2022 CFPB has been given a chance to do its job. 2017 CFPB chose not to hold JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, NFCU & First Bank Holding Company accountable for stealing from the United States. 
They all chose to steal then lie to the US Courts to cover up their wrong doing. That made the judges & the Court they preside in, accomplices to defrauding the United States.  The US Courts uploaded everything to the internet for the world to see. 
JP Morgan, Bank of America, Navy Federal Credit Union & First Bank Holding company are in the position of having to explain to the White House, why they stole from the United States.
The thieves & the lawyers they hired, are in the position of having to explain to the US Courts, why they lied to them.
The banks have been told what they can do to start undoing the damage they caused to OTP, it subsidiaries & the United States economy.
Right now the banks are deciding what to do.They aren't in any position to deny any remedy asked of them. 
If the 5 banks decline to take steps to undo the damage they caused, the United States can seize all of them. 
By lying to the US Courts, the United States became the legal owner of all 5 banks & two utility companies. 
US Court records of what each thief & their lawyer did & United States Code support United States claiming its property.